Sustainability Summit

Stun presented a session on business sustainability at SEDA’s Sustainable Saskatchwan Summit. We met some awesome folks doing some amazing things. We learned more than we taught.

Marketing Seminar at Wilson Centre

We spent the afternoon working with the newest crop of entrepreneurial hopefuls at Brett Wilson’s i3 challenge. The capitalist spirit is alive and well!

Lorelei Nickel Joins Collective

In a coup of epic proportions, Stun snagged one of the rising stars of the consulting world from the maw of a big firm. Said firm is in serious but stable condition. Lorelei strengthens the arc of Stun’s services in the areas of strategic design and facilitation.

Sundance Recognizes Richard

Richard’s documentary Beekeepers opens at the Egyptian this weekend. Life is good when you can bring a serious environmental hazard to light and party at Redford’s lounge at the same time.

Cover Art

Marketplace magazine has has some too-kind things to say about us. More important... our new studio dog, Art, gets his first cover.

8th Street Shuffle

It was time to shake things up a bit so we’ve sold our tony Saskatoon office. We’re diligently searching for a fun new home in more of a walking neighbourhood. Don’t worry, we’re keeping the latte machine. (We’re not barbarians.)

Bidness Card Acclaim


If you've got one of our cards you know they are a bit unusual. Megan Lane Patrick gave us a mention along with a bunch of other very cool cards in HOW's newsstand issue and online.

Janelle Shines Up Saskatoon

s'toon shines
Collective member, Janelle turns her considerable talents to Tourism Saskatoon. In addition to her super work for Stun she will be helping to grow Saskatoon's economy marketing the city as a major convention destination.

We (heart) Microfinance

MEDA was changing the world with microfinance long before it was on the Nobel committee's radar. Grant and Janelle are speaking on marketing at this year's gathering of business leaders from around the world. Conveniently, Toronto is a short train-ride away from their niece, Beth, in Montreal.

Slow News Day

Graffitti poster grab
Stun played a little game with city hall and the news story bubbled up to the national level. Thanks to Ian for helping us paint the wall!


International design mag HOW features us in their June issue. Apparently we're "a new breed of design agency". Even better, we're right next to some of our favorite colleagues.

Officially Green

Stun is now a part of the Co-op America Business Network. The rigorous screening process is a pat on the back as we work towards being a little friendlier to the planet and its inhabitants.

Movie Deal!

blue title screenshot
The documentary short, blue, gets picked up by Cinequest. The last thing we expected from this experiment was a distribution deal. Kudos to collective members Grant and Richard and their creative partners, Jude and Lauren.


Omar's work with MTV Latin America (along with the fine talent at Young & Rubicam in Argentina) brings home a Silver Lion from Cannes for the Don't Kill the Music Campaign.

SPD Recognition

Richard is recognized again this year by the prestigious Society of Publication Designers for his peerless editorial photography.

Villages Press


Janelle's work on behalf of Ten Thousand Villages garners some local press for one of Stun's favorite non-profits. Thanks to everyone for putting some earth and people-friendly gift options out there.

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Members of Stun's collective have helped these and other organizations towards elegance and intelligence in strategy, marketing and design.